Boost your Google My Business Listing.

Your Google My Business Listing helps you to appear in front of customers searching for your services on Google. We build your listing as part of our service. Encouraging customers to leave a review on your listing will help its ranking in search results.


Google My Business Listings can take up to 7 days to go live. Once it's published, you'll be able to view it in Google by searching for your business. Customers searching for your business in Google will also see your Google My Business Listing. When creating your listing, we add all of your business details, including your contact information, business description, your logo, some images and a link to your website. We also add your services to your business listing so Google knows what you offer. This way, Google has a comprehensive understanding of your business and can therefore present your business to the most relevant searchers.

Google My Business listings appear at the top of search results for a variety of search terms. Google will show relevant listings when it think the listing suits the needs of the searcher. The order in which Google My Business listings are displayed depends on a variety of factors, including location, suitability, opening hours and many more. However, one of the most important factors contributing to the rank of your Google My Business listing is reviews. A high number of genuine, positive reviews can have a significant impact on the effectiveness of your Google My Business listing.

You can test this yourself by searching 'plasterers near me' on Google. It's likely that the top few results are Google Business listings that are either closest to you, or have some reviews on their listing. Positive reviews on your Google Business Listing also play a part in the rank of your website in Google, contributing to Google's understanding of your reputation. Now we've establish the importance of positive reviews on your Google My Business listing, here's how to get more reviews.

How to get reviews on your listing

Once we've built your Google My Business listing, and it's been verified, it will likely appear in Google quite quickly. If you struggle to find your listing, you can ask us for a link to it. The following steps can be done using a mobile device.

  1. Open your Google My Business listing.
  2. Click the 'share' button and then click 'copy link'.
  3. Send your link in a message or share it on social media, asking customers to leave you a review.
  4. Continue this practice for any new customers.


The value of a comprehensive Google My Business listing with even a few positive reviews is highly underestimated. Put simply, Google favours businesses who have positive reviews on their listings, and by committing to developing the reviews on your listing, you'll see your business begin to appear in front of more and more local searchers, helping you to position yourself far above your competitors.

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